If your interested in commissioning me...here is what you need to know before emailing me via:         KateArtistry@gmail.com

1. Realize that sadly there is only one of me, and although I would love to be able to create 89 pieces of mind-blowing art the week before Christmas...I simply cannot. Thus, being said please don't wait till last minute to inquire about a project. The more time you can give me before the "goal date" the better chances you'll have of me saying "Why yes,I could totally draw your moms cat by Mothers Day!" ...or whatever.

2. The smallest piece of material I will work on for a portrait drawing is 18" X 24" . Mural work of various sizes are always welcome, I only ask that if intetested in a quote I will need to know the following. 1) Wall dimensions 2)Wall Material (ex: Brick, Drywall, Metal) 3) A general idea of what you’d like me to paint (more detail takes more time) 4) How many colors you’d like this piece to have.

3. There really isn't much I cant re-create if given a clear, quality picture to look at. That being said it is still possible that I might come across a request that is out of my league, in which case I will not waste your money or my time; I promise!

4. Pricing, I will not commit to a set price before I have seen what it is that you wish me to do. Tons of tiny detail and/or a larger scale piece, material etc. all need to be taken into consideration.

NOTE: I require half of the total costs up-front. Any remaining balance will be due upon completion of your piece.

-If for whatever reason you decide my art stinks...you will not be required to pay the remaining balance, but will be surrendering both the physical art ( If not a mural) and your initial deposit.