Born and raised in the small beautiful town of Snoqualmie Washington, next to a giant waterfall...just a dot on the Cascade Mountain Range. It was at a young age that I discovered exactly what I was meant to do in life. Art has always been a huge part of my daily life, but its never been the only thing. I LOVE adventures! For example this last summer I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in one clean 5 month swoop. You can watch my adventures via my YouTube channel under Kate Cloud.

           But why Art? It's the one way to say everything without a single word. It can express feelings, take you anywhere, and there are no limits. Art I have found to be a very powerful tool on the grounds of healing and self preservation. It is notable that science has discovered that through it's creation many people find the expressive outlet they need. Whether as a victim of some crime, psychological abuse,PTSD, loss, high stress or simply as a form of meditation.

          A little more about me, I am currently learning 3 new languages and am a health advocate for Doterra essential oils. I host painting parties under my company Easely Entertained, and teach private lessons. I do murals for businesses, nurseries, and so on. All in all though I am just your typical starving artist.

" I may be hungry, but I look good!"

I thank you for checking out my page, please come back soon as I'm always adding new pieces!